KatiKati College clay bird shooting team:

Since mid last year, 2011, myself and a few keen shooters went and had a meeting with our sports coordinator to see if we could start a shooting team for the school. We agreed on going to a few secondary school shoots to see how we enjoyed it and if it’s worth starting a proper team to compete.

After the first three shoots we were all hooked and decided that if we were to do it properly we would need to get serious with the right gear which includes a shooting jacket and uniform. We already had a few comments that we looked like a bunch of “duck shooters” and needed to sharpen up.

So with a lot of help from our local club, (The western bay of plenty fish and game club) who sponsored us, we were able to buy Berretta shooting vests with the club logo and school name printed on the front and back. Further help by the club members at organized shoots has given us more opportunity to practice on the club course thanks to Neil Turner, we are very grateful with all of the help and sponsorship club, parents and shooters. At our final shoot Murray Shaw and his company Prolan NZ donated a trophy to the best scored and top gun in our last shoot. This will be hotly contested every year. We were able

Once a month we have a school shoot which is very enjoyable as we are slowly starting to improve our scores as we are getting more practice in. We look foreward to keeping the Club posted on all our results as we go. With the continued help of parents the school and the club, we plan to achieve our goal of making the secondary schools nationals in 2012. Our team is made up of David Shawn year 13, Alex Crapp Year 12, Karl Davy year 12, Matt Brown year 10 and I Thomas Darling Year 12. Now most of us have our firearms licenses and driving licenses we are able to practice a lot more and hopefully at some stage soon we can set up a DTL trap up at the Turners.

Thanks again to the club for your help!


WBoP Fish and Game Club is a member of the Tauranga Harbour Recreation Users Forum (THRUF) and has been from it’s inaugural meeting back in March 2011.

The THRUF was set up to be a driving group as a follow up to the “Tauranga Harbour Recreation Strategy” with the support of The Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

The THRS was developed by the three District Councils ,Tauranga City Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council several years ago to address future development, activities, wellbeing and protection of the Tauranga Harbour and it’ surrounds.

The THRS did not have in the past the participation of all involved to administer or carry our the objectives in the Strategy hence the THRUF.

Our Club has representation and participation with the THRUF primarily to protect the interests of the Club for continued Game Bird Hunting and Access on the Harbour.

The THRUF is split in two groups Northern and Southern and we are members of both as each have their own issues and represent many Harbour user groups.
The THUF will be a long term commitment and has the respect and support of all Councils in what it has achieved over the last twelve months and what it wishes to achieve.

Membership is open to anyone with an interested in our Harbour and details of the Strategies or District Plans can be found on the Bay of Plenty Regional Council web site . www.boprc.govt.nz

Gavin Hume

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