WBOPFG Club Constitution

1.         NAME

The name of the Club shall be the WESTERN BAY OF PLENTY FISH AND GAME CLUB,


The registered office of the respective branch shall be the address of the Secretary for the time being or at such other place as the Committee may from time to time determine. The Secretary shall give due notice of every change of address of the Registered Office to the Eastern Region Fish and Game Council.


2.         OBJECTS

The Objects of the Club shall be:

To promote recreation based on fishing and hunting activities, to promote and enhance habitat development, and such other similar matters as may be decided at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting called for that purpose and the Club funds shall be applied to these objects.

To develop a working relationship with Eastern Region Fish and Game Council in protecting the betterment of Sports Fish and Game.


3.         Annual Subscriptions

The Annual Subscription to be subject to a resolution of the Annual General Meeting and due and payable one calendar month from the Annual General Meeting.

Only financial members of the Club will be allowed to participate in any Club activities formed.


4.         MEMBERSHIP

The Committee has the power to accept, refuse or limit the membership of the Club.


5.         PROPERTY

Members shall be liable for damage done by them to property of the Club or any other property where the Club has organised activities either by themselves or by visitors introduced to the Club by them to an amount to be left to the discretion of the Committee.



The Management of the Club shall be vested in a Committee of the Chairman and Vice Chairman, Secretary,       Treasurer and a Committee, all of whom shall be elected to their positions at an Annual General Meeting. At all meetings of the Management Committee two-thirds of those members elected shall form a quorum, except in counting a quorum, the Chairman shall not be included, but no meeting of the Committee shall be invalidated by reason of the absence of the Chairman.



The Committee shall have full power to transact all business of the Club, to order the expenditure of the Club’s funds and shall – through the Secretary/Treasurer – present at the Annual General Meeting a report and audited Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts for twelve-monthly periods ending 31 March in each and every year.  All Committee decisions to be ratified at the next general meeting.

Any member absenting himself/herself without leave from three (3) consecutive meetings Shall, inso facto, cease to be a member of the Committee.

The Committee may fill any vacancy that may occur in the Committee of the Club, but such appointment shall only last until the next Annual General Meeting of the Club.

The Committee or any member there of, may be removed from office by a vote of a majority of members present at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.

The Committee may delegate all or any of its power to any person or persons provided that such delegation does not contravene any of the rules of the Club.



So long as the Club is functional, each member of the Club will abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Club.

The Secretary, on receiving a complaint in writing from four (4) Club members that the conduct of any member is contrary to the rules or inconsistent with the character or interests of the Club, shall refer the matter to a disputes committee consisting of the Chairman, Secretary and any one other nominated member to deal with the matter in such manner as they deem advisable.



A member may at any time resign his membership of the Club.



The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held before the end of April in each year

The Annual General Meeting shall be advertised twenty one (21) days previous to the holding of such meeting by public advertisement, or in such a manner as the Committee may decide.

Notices of motion for the Annual General Meeting shall be handed to the Secretary at least seven (7) days before such meeting, all motions to be signed by the mover and seconder.

The Officers of the Club shall be elected and shall hold office from the Annual General Meeting until such time as new officers are elected.  They and each of them may be eligible for re-election upon nomination as hereinafter provided.

The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by the same person.

Ten financial members shall form a quorum at any Annual or Special General Meeting.


Special General Meetings


Special General Meetings of which fourteen (14) days public notice has been given may be called by the Secretary at any time.

Committee may call the meeting on its own accord.

The Secretary must, upon receiving a requisition signed by ten financial members of the Club calling for a Special General Meeting, notify date of such meeting within seven (7) days of receiving such requisition.  Such requisition shall be handed to the Secretary at least twenty-one (21) days before date of such meeting.  Any such requisition shall state the object of the meeting proposed to be called, and the business to be transacted thereat.  No other business other than that set forth in such requisition shall be transacted or considered at any such meeting.



The Officers of the Club shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.

Should the Secretary or Treasurer be absent or ill, or neglect or refuse to do anything required by the Rules, the Management Committee shall have power to appoint any member of the Club to act in his stead at that meeting.


12.   VOTING

Every financial member present at a Special or Annual General Meeting shall have one vote.  The Chairman shall decide upon a show of hands in the first place, but any member may require a secret ballot.  In the case of equality, the Chairman shall have a casting vote in addition to his deliberative vote.



Committee meetings shall be called by the Secretary in conjunction with the Chairman when necessary.  However, upon receipt of a written request to the Secretary, signed by two (2) financial members of the Club stating the object of the meeting, the Secretary will call a Committee meeting within ten (10) days of the request being received.



At an Annual General or Special General Meeting members present shall have the power to elect any past or present member to be an Honorary Life Member.  An Honorary Life Member shall not be liable to pay any annual subscription, but shall have all the privileges of the Club.



The Auditor shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.



The Trustees of the Club’s current accounts shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  Cheques to be signed by the Treasurer and any one of the Trustees or any other duly nominated member, the Treasurer counter-signing the cheques.



a.     These rules may be amended, revoked or added to only at the Annual General Meeting of the Club or at any Special General Meeting thereof convened for this purpose.  Provided that no amendment, revocation or addition shall have effect unless passed by a majority of two-thirds of the votes of those members present and entitled to vote thereat.


b.    A copy of these Rules shall be available for inspection at the registered office of the Club by any financial member of the Club.  A copy of these rules shall be supplied to any financial member on payment of the cost of printing same.



a.     The Club shall not dissolve unless a motion to that effect has been passed by a majority of the members present and entitled to vote at any Special General Meeting convened for the purpose and confirmed as a later General Meeting held not earlier than thirty (30) days from the date of the resolution.


b.     In the event of such a dissolution any surplus monies and property remaining after the payment of all liabilities shall be applied to such object or objects as the delegates present at a Special General Meeting by a majority shall decide.


c.     Notice of such dissolution shall be sent to Eastern Region Fish and Game Council.



At every meeting of the Club, the following standing orders shall be deemed to apply for the conduct of a meeting and the despatch of business:


  1. On all questions concerning the interpretation of the Rules, Standing Order or a Point of Order, the Chairman’s decision shall be final, provided that it shall be competent for any member to move that the meeting disagrees with such ruling, which being seconded shall be put to the meeting without discussion.
  2. No motion (including a motion of remit of which notice has been given) shall be discussed before it has been proposed and seconded
  3. Any member excepting the mover and seconder of the motion under discussion may move any amendment thereof (provided such amendment is not a direct negative to the motion) and being seconded such amendment shall be open for discussion
  4. No further amendment shall be received by the Chairman until the one already before the meeting is disposed of, but it shall be competent for any member, during discussion of an amendment, to give notice of intention to move a further amendment.
  5. Amendments must always be put to Meeting first, then the motion
  6. On all matters or questions before the meeting, each member may speak once, excepting the mover of a motion or amendment who alone shall have the right to reply, save set out in Clause g.
  7. Should a member desire to speak to a motion or amendment after having previously spoken thereon, application shall be made to the Chairman for permission to speak again and the Chairman shall use his discretion in the matter.
  8. All questions must be asked through the Chair.
  9. i.   If, on a division, there is an equality of votes, the Chairman shall decide the issue by casting an additional vote.
  10. j.   Voting shall be by voice, or by show of hands or if any person there wish it, by division or ballot.
  11. k.   No motion shall be carried and rescinded at the same meeting.
  12. l.   The Chairman shall be vested with authority to preserve order and due observance of these Standing Orders and any member who disobeys any ruling from the Chair or is guilty of any misconduct at a meeting of the Club, or otherwise commits a breach which may be deemed to bring the Club into dispute may be ordered by the Chairman to leave the meeting and/or may be dealt with summarily.
  13. m.   A motion to suspend or vary any of these Standing Orders in order to be carried must be supported by two-thirds of those members present at the meeting and entitled to vote.
  14. n.   Any members or officials of the Club in possession of Club funds or property shall be held responsible for such funds or property and any members or official refusing to replace or make good the value thereof may be liable to expulsion as a member or official of such Club by a majority of two-thirds of the members present at any Committee Meeting.  The Committee members’ decision shall be final.
WBOPFG Club Constitution



The De-Brief


Well, not sure what happened but I was supposed to receive a couple of reports from certain members regarding the Trip up to Whangapoa! You just can’t trust those dam pigeons to get the mail through these days!!!

Anyhow, around 15 of us ascended on the hospitality offered again by the Given family. All I can say is – What a fantastic weekend! Not often you go to a place where there are facilities to cater for such a mangy mob that turned up! The shooting was not as it was on previous trips, but I pretty sure everyone pulled the trigger at some point.

And talking about pointers (Yes, I’m Bias!) – We all know a good dog is worth its weight in gold…….. But with good mates shooting with you – who needs shotguns! Before you think I’ve lost the plot again – here’s the oil on the story. Darryl and I were hunting this scrubby face and we had Blaze and Emma, our GSP’s working the face between us. As a good pointer does, Blaze locked up on a solid point which automatically made safety’s come off ready to blow this buzzard out of the sky! Slowly Darryl walked up beside the dog that had not moved an inch, and he tried to get her to go in on the flush. Not knowing what I do, she would not move a muscle, so he crept forward to see this cock bird hiding in the scrub playing “Can’t See Me”, only a metre away!!!!!”

Putting down his canon, Darryl crept forward and grabbed the bugga by its tail, and guess what? Free tail feathers less one pissed off bird!!! Darryl yelled, bird took off, and then both dogs nailed the bugga!!! Well……….. That saved one round of ammo! Hahaha

Anyway, lots happened that weekend, the All-blacks were playing on the TV, beers we enjoyed, we were entertained by both Rugby and “Stretch” giving us his orchestrated version of “Blow Hard Through the Boxers”

Again – thanks to our hosts…….. Top facilities, top people……… and a fantastic place to hunt Peacocks every year!





If it was the deafening sound from Blazing barrels you were there for…….. You may have been disappointed.  If you were there to support a good cause, have a few laughs with mates, and come home with a few breasts for a batch of salami’s…………. you would have had a great day!!

Our clubs annual swan shoot again hit the news, both locally and in other papers around the country. Yes – those tree hugging arm chair activists, again made their squeaky noise as they do every year.  Again they tried their usual apron pulling tactics, squealing to local media who quite frankly are getting a little tired of the whole situation.     Those of us who share a common interest harvesting this game bird species, those who believed our harbours population of the Black Swan needed a little tickle-up – regardless were out there doing it a couple weekends ago across in the sheltered waters of Bluegum Bay.

After a wee slip up in the previous newsletter, everyone had a couple of hours to kill due to the fact there was an incorrect start time printed (sorry guys).  Actually it didn’t really seem to bother anyone in the least.  Everyone took the opportunity to have a dam good catch up, see how opening weekend faired, play dodge the TV Camera crew from “Hunting Aotearoa” and generally have an enjoyable morning in the sun at the boat ramp.  Eventually our Head Honcho (sorry Alli, you just looked so official!!) gave us the briefing, covered all the do’s and don’ts, what to shoot and who not to!!  In addition we had a group from the BOP Polytechnic there give a bit of a talk about studies they are conducting on the harbour impact of Swans.  It certainly appears that these long necked lawn mowers are certainly doing more damage than leaving a carpeted blanket of smelly swan-do-do’s on every bit of fore-shore!!! They wanted our help to collect gizzard and gut samples from the collected birds.  This data was really to clarify how much food these birds actually eat, what they eat in the salt water environment, and to substantiate the damage these birds are obviously doing.

All together 220 swans were collected, certainly down on previous years but really at the end of the day – we were there doing it! 

Thanks to all that put in their ten cents and helped out on the day, Steve and the guys on the round-up boats, the BBQ Boys and Scotty from Rural Services for the use of his truck to take away the carcases.





Greetings, and welcome to the March Newsletter. Yes I know, you’re thinking. It’s been a while since we had one but I’ve been thrown in the deep end as Grant our trusty newsletter editor has just had his shoulder rebuilt. And can’t do anything for a couple of months so here goes my attempt.


Darryl Sadd



DOG BITS” By Darryl Sadd

Hunting Fitness

Anticipation is rising-you’ve pulled out the shotgun, had a few rounds of sporting clays, checked the decoys & marked out your maimai. Six weeks to go and you’re already imagining the ducks tumbling and a keen, fit dog doing amazingly difficult retrieves other dog owners can only dream of. But is your dog fit?

Okay, you may have given him the occasional run in the weekends but is he in the right shape to perform tirelessly through opening and the rest of the season? Too often this is over looked.

You owe it to your dog to have him in the right physical and mental shape before the season starts. You can’t blame your dog for refusing to swim that swollen creek to fetch a duck, nor can you expect any more than an hour’s work and keenness if you haven’t bothered to put the time into conditioning him.



Now is the time to get into it. If your hound looks like a mobile coffee table, is fat and unfit start with short regular walks and build up to more lengthy sessions. Get down to the park or into the paddocks and hunt without your gun. Rebuild your rapport with him let him find some game to rebuild his keenness and hunting desire. Land and water retrieves, blind retrieves, especially with the added realism of blanks in the gun will help put that edge back on his work.

So don’t put it off- it’s easy to say “it’s too wet or I haven’t got the time “If those are your excuses you don’t deserve to be owned by a gun dog.


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